Sunday, December 5, 2010



Wow. It's REALLY been a while since my last blog. But, I have some pretty good excuses. First, we moved. And, that's exhausting. Second, we didn't have internet for what seemed like a long time and now that we finally do, we don't have a wireless router so I need to blog in the office, where, OH YEAH! I don't yet have a desk! So, here I sit in my circle-y chairs, balancing my laptop on my lap while trying to stay connected!!

Anywho, I'll get down to the nitty gritty. As you may have read, we had an offer on our house back in September. It took the bank 45 days to even assign a negotiator, and now we are scheduled to close on or before the 23rd of December. I know that seems like a very brief summary. And it is. To go into detail on the craziness that this whole short sale process has been (not to mention all my feelings, emotions and life lessons that I'd need to share), would be stinkin' long. It would also require me to remember a lot, and I'm just not super good at that. So, yahoo!! I can't quite put in words how excited and ready I am to be done with the whole process!!

What I DO want to share is everything that's been happening in the mean time! We have been blown away by the warm welcome and generosity from the people at North Seattle Alliance. But, I have to let you in on a little secret. I don't know if its a phobia? or a prejudice? Or a combo of both...a phobjudice? I don't know. But, it's against old people. They scare me. I've had so many encounters with them saying off the wall, hurtful things, that this phobjudice is not unfounded. Also, they drive bad and are a cause of a lot of serious vehicle injuries. Anywho, all that to say, NSA is very gray. HOWEVER, I have been so blown away by their warm welcome of my family, their kindness, and their generosity that I'm starting to think that God might have brought me here to teach me a little somethin' instead of bringing us up here to school them. You know, things I might need to practice more grace and patience? And other things like the importance that everyone, in spite of age or race, plays in furthering his Kingdom? Hmmm... it makes you think. I'll keep you posted on my old people fears. Oh. And don't judge me. Micah fears middle aged women...he also has good reason.

So, for those of you who wonder, our family is adjusting. My kids still haven't found good friends, and that makes me sad. But, they've started swimming, youth group and other stuff. So, we're hoping for some "friend" opportunities! OR "friendtunities".

I do miss all you guys down in the "Couv". I feel like no one up here really gets my jokes. And for those of you who know me at all...that's very important to me. I don't expect others to be funny...just to laugh at (or with) me. At the appropriate times. At the appropriate decibel level. But that's pretty much the only requirement I have for a friend...laugh. Oh, and don't say mean things to me. And if you do, don't be all mad if I punch you in the ovaries. That's all. I miss laughing with all of you. And I miss the serious stuff too.


  1. I fear middle aged men. Go figure. Miss you guys A LOT. Praying for you right... now! And fyi. The minute I knew I wanted to be your friend? I heard you telling Kilde and Jeremy "I wanted to punch her in the ovaries." You were in the sanctuary. It was revelatory. :)
    Love, e

  2. Kristen-I have the same fear! I thought I was a really bad person for that but you've made me feel so much better! Thanks. The church we went to before this last move had a lot of older people and I LOVED all of them but in general they still scare me! I'm sure your kids find good friends soon they are awesome kids!
    Anytime you need someone to lat at/with you just call me I think you are hilarious!