Tuesday, August 17, 2010

The latest? (which isn't much)

Whoa. I haven't been on here in almost a month! And, sadly, there isn't all that much to report. In the last month the fam did a little mosquito battling/backpacking, Lake Chelan watersliding, a bit of Leavenworth sausage munching, some family hoo-ha, and then more family hoo-ha, went to Seattle, Micah had a meeting, went to the Woodland Park Zoo, drove around, came back from Seattle, and here we are! And, though there isn't that much happening, that's exactly what is causing some anxiety! Being in transition super sucks. (Except all the fun stuff up there...those were good times).

So here's the very latest: Our house is being lowered 5k every 2 weeks until it sells. (I'm kind of over that whole thing...I think I've made my peace with it. And thanks for listening on that one.)

As we were in Seattle, there was talk of Micah sharing a basement in some guy's house with Andy (the guy Micah will be working with for the next 2 years) a couple nights a week until we get a house up there! I just about barfed. That seems to me to be the last straw. I am ready to be apart from my friends, damage my credit and take a loss on my house, move to "who knows where" at "who knows when:30" and rent a house (so, probably no painting or knocking out walls), but to have my family separated for the majority of the week and weekends is not ok with me! I don't really know what else to say about it. Micah and I have often had arguments about ministry being "his job" vs. a "we're in this together" thing. This seems to me to drive home the "his job" side of it. It just seems so separate! It's hard to be "us" in that. (AND, I just really like to have that guy around! He is my best friend). But, all that gets me pretty nervous.

So, I guess there's some stuff going on, I just wish something was happening! There really doesn't seem to be a sign of a move on the horizon. And, I have to admit that I'm having a hard time keeping the faith that God will (not that he isn't capable) rise above the economy to make a way for us to get there. As a family, we've talked and come to the realization that aside from God stepping in and moving us, we cannot get there on our own! Stay tuned, though, I'm holding on to that mustard seed (by the way, we bought some mustard seeds and they are super small) of faith that God will step in and do something. I'm hoping to share it with you.


  1. Hey Kristin--thanks for sharing these things. I will up my prayers for you all. What a time of testing and trying you are going through and what a testimony to faith. God will make a way when His time is right--until then He will sustain you.

  2. I am thankful for your great family times but yeah, being separated from Micah would be uber hard. You guys are siamese twins and the separation would hurt. Praying that doesn't have to happen.

  3. Aww!! I love you Kristen!! I'm sorry things feel bleak right now - and yeah, I'd be almost barfing too. I love seeing the pictures of your kids with backpacks. I'll never forget that hike we took when you were preggers with Hannah and we got lost and almost eaten by coyotes. Your union and lives inspire us and I know things will fall into place in the end. In the mean time sending lots of love and prayers your way:)

  4. Keep your chin up sweets! God has big plans for your family! Love you guys!!!!!;)