Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Hi, I'm Kristen.
I'm a mother of 3 and a wife of 1. My husband is a pastor/church planter, so I suppose that makes me a "pastor's wife"...but I kind of hate that title. To me its reminiscent of denim jumpers, playing the piano (and singing) and bratty kids. So, I don't really want to be lumped into that! I do play the piano a little though. And I do sing. And sometimes my kids are boogers. But I've refused (up to now) those homemade denim jumpers! And, I like big shoes.
I don't have strong "filters" and sometimes say bad words.
I say inappropriate things, sometimes at church (or during).
I find that I leave a party and have to text apologies to people I'm convinced I have offended.
My nose is pierced and I have several tattoos.
I hate pastor's conferences and hanging out with other pastors makes me so nervous it sometimes gives me diarrhea!
So, I suppose I'm not your typical "pastor's wife". But, I love people and I love Jesus. And so I guess I'm in the right spot, in spite of myself.
Which brings me to the purpose of this blog. I want to share with you the journey that we, as a family are on! We are starting on a brand new journey as we leave a city and a church that we've planted and move on to plant a new church in a new area where we (so far) know no one. BUT, I really wanted to start this because where we sit, we get to see God in pretty big ways. And, I want to share the things that he does along the way! So, STAY TUNED!

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